In deze uitgave van Gemmology Today kvind je weer een scala aan onderwerpen over edelstenen, manieren om ze te identificeren, ervaringen wereldwijd en prachtige foto's.

Wie doen er allemaal weer mee:

  • Anthony de Goutiere       A photographic tribute to the inclusion photography 
  • Jean_Marie Arlabosse       Crystal Gazing - Magnesiotaaffeite - using high-tech instruments to investigate a crystal
  • Geoff Dominy                   The wealth of Experience, something which you can't teach 
  • Kirk Ferral                         Slick Magnet, showing how important magnetism is in the identification of gems
  • Jan Aplsund                      Blood, Sweat and Fears, examining the history of diamond in West Africa
  •  Nina Zolothukhina           Gemmology toys for Girls and Boys, a look at low cost instruments and some proves costly
  • Kim Rix                              Buying Sapphires in Sri Lanka, tips where and what to buy
  • Zohreh Ami                       Turkois, Jewel of the 'Orient' for 8000 years
  • Leone Langeslag               Andalusite, lot's of colours can be seen in the 'poor man's Alexandrite'


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